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Innovation, Collaboration, andGenuine Commitment

Aristotle Lab’s team of developers, data nerds, thinkers, and doers craft web app experiences centered around user engagement. From creating practical Internet of Things solutions using beacon technology to innovating new site speed techniques, our team uses data and design to provide insanely great user experiences for you or your business.

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Custom Solutions

Need to create something that will revolutionize the industry or just help your team become more efficient? Use our diverse team to help! With problem solvers and strategists of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds, we can deliver tech solutions that are sure to meet your user’s needs.

  • BeaconSage

    On-Site User Engagement
    It can be tough getting through to today’s mobile users. BeaconSage lets you create rich, custom web pages and link them to Bluetooth beacons that broadcast your content to nearby users. Use beacons in your storefront, at your event, during your tournament, at your tourist attractions, restaurants and more — the applications are only limited by your imagination. Take your content straight to the consumer with BeaconSage. Find out more at

  • SwiftSage

    Site Speed Monitoring Tool
    In today’s mobile world, if your website doesn’t load quickly, you’re losing business. Do you know how fast your important website pages are loading? SwiftSage is the missing piece to your analytics suite. An affordable and easy-to-use online tool, SwiftSage will monitor the download speed of important website pages and compare them to your competitors’ websites. Learn more about how SwiftSage can keep your website performance optimized at

  • Bamboo

    Online Events Platform
    Event coordination can be a hassle — from managing event content to printing and posting signage and dispersing information to your attendees quickly and efficiently, there’s a lot to wrangle. Bamboo is an attractive, affordable online event coordination application that lets you set up a customized event-specific portal complete with speaker bios and ratings, real-time Q&A ability, maps, and more. Make your events easier for everyone with Bamboo, the event planners dream application. Find out more at

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